Bosch Videoportal

Asia/ Pacific

Two Wheelers in India

Genre: footage with narration

Corporate Communications

Footage: Typical scenes from an indian city

Genre: Footage

Robert Bosch India

Bosch in China

Genre: Footage

Bosch (China) Investment Ltd - Various business divisions

Production (common-rail injectors): Machine used for the coating of injection nozzles

Genre: Footage

Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd Wuxi - Diesel Systems

Establishing shots: Typical images of Chinese traffic in Shanghai, dominated by e-bikes

Genre: Footage

Bosch (China) Investment Ltd. Shanghai - Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Systems

Outdoor shots: Grounds, buildings, and main entrance of Jiao Tong University in Shanghai

Genre: Footage

Bosch (China) Investment Ltd Shanghai - Corporate Research

The green environmental technologies exhibited by Bosch in the "Urban Planet" pavilion

Genre: Footage

Bosch (China) Investment Ltd. Shanghai - EXPO 2010

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