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New powertrain systems for two-wheelers

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Robert Bosch GmbH Schwieberdingen - Mobility Solutions

Bosch is entering the global motorcycle market with new powertrain systems. With its electronically controlled fuel-injection technology, Bosch is making motorcycles around the world more fuel-efficient. Today, some 60 million two-wheelers with internal-combustion engines are produced around the world each year. By 2020, the market is expected to grow to 110 million units. Bosch is entering this market with a global approach. The company has developed solutions for both affordable two-wheelers in Asia and high-performance bikes in Europe and North America. In doing so, Bosch is extending its portfolio. Two-wheeler riders have long relied on Bosch safety systems such as ABS or motorcycle stability control, an ESP derivative for two-wheelers.

Year of Production 2014
Categories Latest News, Motorcycle show EICMA 2015, 109886, Two-wheeler and Powersports, Gasoline Systems, 109872, Electrified
Duration 02:20
Genre footage with narration
Language English
Audio track 1 mix
Audio track 2 mix
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