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Charitable organisation Primavera - Bosch associates offer children in slums a new perspective

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Robert Bosch (Pty) Ltd. Brits

The charitable organization Primavera – Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V. (Primavera – helping children in need) has helped more than 30,000 children over the past 25 years. Bosch associates set up the organization in 1990, with the aim of offering children from slums in developing and emerging countries a new perspective. Apart from helping provide for children’s basic needs, the initiative focuses on supporting education and vocational training. With its own staff of volunteers and in collaboration with social institutions, Primavera provides support for around 30 projects in 12 countries. Shown in the video is the Kopano Day Care Center in South Africa.

Year of Production 2015
Categories Latest News, Africa, Human resources and social topics, 109886
Duration 01:21
Genre footage with narration
Language English
Audio track 1 mix
Audio track 2 mix
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