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CES 2016: The connected car becomes a personal assistant

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At CES 2016, Bosch offered a glimpse into the car of the future. Here, visitors to the Bosch show car could experience a new kind of interaction between humans and technology. In the show car, the dashboard and central console are transformed into an electronic display. The information shown on this giant display changes depending on the vehicle’s current surroundings. If a pedestrian approaches from the right, a lighting sequence is triggered to alert the driver. Drivers’ preferences as well as appointments in their diary are also taken into account. For example, if an appointment is cancelled, the car of the future will automatically indicate the route to the next appointment in the diary. Drivers will be able to activate the autopilot to free up even more time and make their journey more relaxed.

Year of Production 2016
Categories Fireside chat 2016, Latest News, Annual press conference 2016, 109872
Duration 03:16
Genre Footage
Language Global
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