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Bosch sensor solutions enable wearable devices

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Bosch Sensortec

A personal alarm clock in your wristband, which makes not only sure that you get up in time but also that you get up at the right time according to your biorhythm. A smart watch, which improves your well-being by detecting the air quality of your environment. Smart fitness wear, which improves the efficiency of your workout by measuring your speed and calorie consumption. What do all these wearable applications have in common? They are enabled by almost invisible MEMS sensors and sensor solutions (MEMS: micro-electromechanical systems). [no licence for TV or cinema]

Year of Production 2015
Categories Smart Home, Smart City, Fireside chat 2016, Latest News, Bosch Sensortec, 109886
Duration 03:21
Genre footage with narration
Language English
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