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Active parking lot management - Head straight to the parking lot

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Mobility Solutions

Bosch connects mobility to comprehensively conceived solutions that go beyond the vehicle. The active parking lot management system eliminates the hassle of searching for parking space. From now on, drivers can search for available parking space in their vicinity from a smartphone app. The results appear on the display and can be filtered by price, parking space size or special requirements such as parking spaces for parents and electric vehicle charging stations. The selection is made with a simple click – and the user is already navigated direct to his newly set destination. The time-consuming and resource-consuming traffic created by vehicles in search of parking is eliminated. Instead, it only says: “Need parking space? This way please.” Depending on customer preference additional services such as integrated cash-less payment or subscription function, can further simplify the parking process.

Year of Production 2015
Categories Connected Mobility, 109886, Smart City, Fireside chat 2016
Duration 02:02
Genre footage with narration
Language English
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