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TomTom and Bosch on Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS)

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Bosch SoftTec GmbH

360°logiQ – a suite of integrated solutions for motor vehicles based on the knowledge gained from the dynamic electronic horizon. The system can alert drivers that they are approaching congestion or serve as a so-called country road assistant. The combination of software and service features heightens traveling safety and driving convenience by offering drivers farsighted and intervening functions. The alert function can automatically reduce driving speed when approaching congestion, decreasing the risk of rear-end collisions, while the country road assistant offers greater convenience when driving on country roads by automatically regulating the vehicle’s speed. The connection to a server system (Bosch “Trusted Data Provisioning”) offers access to dynamic map information made available by the partner TomTom, so 360°logiQ can draw on the latest real-time traffic information such as speed limits, danger points, or traffic congestion just ahead. Interacting with precise map data, 360°logiQ calculates a route forecast and can automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed appropriately.

Produktionsjahr 2015
Kategorien 109872, Connected, Mobility Solutions
Dauer 01:30
Genre vertonter Beitrag
Sprache Englisch
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