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Industry 4.0 - virtual tracking of supply chains

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Robert Bosch GmbH Homburg - Logistics

Bosch has received the Association of German Car Manufacturers’ (VDA) Logistics Award. The global supplier of technology and services has been awarded the prize for completely virtualizing physical flows of goods, which can now be tracked in real time with intelligent software systems. The analysis of the data obtained helps manage and further improve processes. Successful data sharing across the company has been one of the project’s major achievements. Standardized data can now be exchanged and shared between companies seamlessly and in real time. This makes it possible to optimize production and supply networks in a comprehensive manner. For instance, over the course of a pilot project at Bosch’s Homburg site in Germany, the efficiency of logistics processes was improved by some 10 percent.

Year of Production 2014
Categories Latest News, Bosch ConnectedWorld 2015, Bosch ConnectedWorld 2016, Connected industry
Duration 03:33
Genre footage with narration
Language English
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