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Industrie 4.0 - Ein Überblick

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Corporate Communication

Connected industry, also called Industry 4.0, offers companies numerous opportunities for new business and improved productivity, and thus also for increased competitiveness. In conjunction with fast data networks and software, sensors on components and machines enable objects to exchange information with one another without the need for human intervention (“internet of things”). In the future, even objects that up to now have not contained any electronics will be able to communicate with each other. The data created in the process will allow useful new information to be derived and interrelationships to be analyzed. For example, a machine can identify wear and tear and arrange for maintenance in good time. In this way, unplanned downtime can be reduced and productivity increased.

Produktionsjahr 2016
Kategorien Industry 4.0, 109872
Dauer 02:59
Genre Footage with narration
Sprache Global
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